Recent (and not-so-recent) Feasts!


0. I used a new arrangement for 2012,it's pretty intuitive...

1. You can see the pictures at threesizes: thumbnails (there may be several pages of them),medium-size photos, and Huge pictures.

2. When you click on a link below, you'llsee the thumbnails; clicking on thefirst (or any other one) will bring up the medium-sizeshots, which should take a few secondsat dialup speeds, and be instantaneousif you have a high speed connection.If there are several pages of thumbnails,you can jump to a different page, andstart there.

3. If you click on the right side ofa mid-size shot (or use the right arrowkey or button on the screen), you'llget to the next midsize shot; clickingon the left side of a picture (or leftarrow or screen button) takes you backone shot. Up screen-button takes youback to thumbnails. Clicking on thecenter of a midsize picture downloadsthe full-resolution image, which willtake a while on a dialup connection,but will not be too bad on a fastconnection.

The whole thing is pretty intuitive, andless complicated than this explanationsuggests.

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