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Info About Me

I am now a cosmology researcher with the South Pole Telescope. I used to be a postdoc researcher at University of California Davis and a physics graduate student at Harvard. This page is still hosted there due to the SETI group's continuing generosity.

My Curriculum Vitae (CV) (PDF) (that's Latin for "page with no pictures")

As of Summer 2013, this is my email address status:

  • jason AT frank DOT harvard DOT edu - All email gets forwarded here.
  • jason AT gallicchio DOT org - Most permanent one.

"I think physicists are the Peter Pans of the human race. They never grow up, and they keep their curiosity." -- I. I. Rabi

South Pole Telescope (2013-present)
Several copies of me, with the South Pole Telescope, Auroras, and Milky Way
Yes, that's four of me. See more photos.

Cosmology & Particle Physics

wmap cosmology

My main research interests have been in theoretical cosmology and particle physics.

Seeing Jets in Color


Gallicchio, Jason; Schwartz, Matthew "Seeing in Color: Jet Superstructure" arXiv:1001.5027 [hep-ph] (2010)

Higgs Searches


I've been spending all of my time in front of supercomputers, simulating collisions at the Large Hadron Collider.

I'm trying to tell quark and gluon jets, and then it's on to discover the elusive Higgs particle! (Or at least improve the possibilities of other people discovering it by 10% or so.)

Teaching Energy Science
(Spring 2010)


A new Energy Science course at Harvard. I'm a Teaching Assistant for Prof. Lene Hau. Topics include the solid state physics of solar cells, the organic and physical chemistry of photosynthesis, batteries, and hydrogen technology.

Teaching Electronics


I've been a Teaching Assistant many times for Physics 123, the infamous Art of Electronics class. Over the summer, I've been giving the lectures.

Brane Inflation


I have been working with Professor Nima Arkani-Hamed and Rakhi Mahbubani on using ideas of extra dimensions that solve the hierarchy problem to provide a natural model for early universe cosmic inflation.

Gallicchio, Jason; Mahbubani, Rakhi "Inflation on the Brane with Vanishing Gravity" To appear in JHEP arXiv:0911.5343 [hep-th] (2009)

Optical SETI


I have been working with Paul Horowitz's Optical SETI group on a part-time basis since arriving at Harvard, mostly the allsky, but some targeted.

I've built some random hardware, helped write the software to automatically or remotely control the telescope from the web.

Rotational Shear Interferometer

rsi 3d rendering
rsi white light interference fringes

I built several interferometers which combine an image with a rotated version of itself. This allows you to back out a 2D image of an object where each pixel has a full spectrum.

Engineering Thesis / Other Material

The second picture shows white light interference fringes which appear when the 10cm path lengths are identical to within a wavelength of like. The shapes reflect how non-flat the mirrors are on the scale of wavelengths.

Random Projects




High Speed Video

Light Bulb

Above is a light bulb filmed with an extremely high speed video camera. There's more...


brainflux logo

My site with a bunch of animations and Java:



SVGKit is a collection of JavaScript libraries for painless client-side SVG manipulation: SVGKit provides browser-independent access and interaction, SVGCanvas implements Canvas API with SVG-specific additions, and SVGPlot plots/graphs data and functions.

Other Software

Palm Pilot to Google CSV/Vcard JavaScript Translates Palm to Google, especially for a G1 Android Phone.

Rowing on the Charles


I ran the Dudley House crew program for the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences for three years and still get sucked back in to sub, film, or fix the web page.

Trip to Argentina
(Summer 2008)


Trip to Japan
(Fall 2009)