Photographs from my year at Stanford University

This web page chronicles some of the images from my year out in California at Stanford University, June 2001 - July, 2002. I have another small collection of photos from my stay there.

Here's Stanford. It's it gorgeous? Most days looked just like this. -- blue skies, green lawns, and balmy weather. It really does affect one's mood.

This is one of my favorite photos from Stanford. It's taken from inside the main quad. Those flowers were in bloom for about 6 months.

This may be my favorite photo from Stanford. It's a panorama stitched together from ~10 shots (handheld, no tripod!) in the center of the Quad using Panorama Factory. There was some random guy standing in the photo who refused to move. So I digitally pasted myself over him.

The Quad was quite pretty. Here are 4 shots in and around it.

I spent most of my time in the Gates building (shown above), designing a chip called PulseNet with Bill Dally's CVA group in the Electrical Engineering department.

Here are two of the nearby buildings, Gilbert (where my brother Dan worked) and Packard.

The views from the lounge on the top of the Gates building were quite nice. Here's one of Hoover Tower and one of Memorial Church.

The palm trees were pervasive, and I quite liked them. There's a typical old palm tree on the left, one of the new manicured transplants in the center, and Palm Drive on the right.

Facing the other direction down Palm Drive is the Oval.

Another shot looking into the Quad, framed by an arch.

I was fascinated by the flora and fauna around Stanford (most of it artificial since Palo Alto would be in a near desert were it not for irrigation).

I tried to swim most days when I was there. And who wouldn't with facilities like these?

Another common activity during my year at Stanford was frisbee golf, which I played a ton with my brother Dan, and a bit with the guys from the DAlly group. This shot is from the frisbee golf tournament, which my team won (the wussy division of)! Yeah, I know it's a blurry picture, but I like it.

Not everything at stanford is blue skies and palm trees. Every day I rode down the path on the left on my bike and passed the redwood trees on the right.

These shots are from the hills by "The Dish" behind Stanford. It was a gorgeous sunset/moonrise.

I took the Caltrain nearly every day so it seems appropriate to have shots of my two stops: the San Antonio station (left) and the Palo Alto station (right)

I went on a few side trips, including two to Yosemite National Park. Here I am about to make the final assault on Half Dome using the steel cables (note the ant trail). This was after having already climbed ~3000 ft by trail. The photo on the right is the view from the top.

I also went to Lake Tahoe during the summer and the winter. What gorgeous territory.

I went on a sailboat cruise out in the San Francisco Bay for Ujval Kapasi's birthday. That was great fun. One the left you see the Golden Gate Bridge from below, and on the right is a typical view of the San Francisco skyline.

And of course I went in to San Fransisco a few times. This shot is from Twin Peaks at night.

Finally, I visited Leuschner Observatory. On the left are Kevin Hand and me posing in front of the optical SETI detector (built by Dan Werthimer's group at UC Berkeley). That's Dan's Mustang in the center. One the right you can see the rapid prototype array (precursor to the SETI Institute's Allen Telescope Array) that we visited on the way home.

What a great year!