This is an inside joke at the Horowitz Lab. Two of our steamed alumni, Darren Leigh and Jonathan "Jono" Weintroub, had something of a strange relationship. Darren (on the left) did all the system administration (note the Sun workstation keyboard propped on his lap) and was the archetypical Unix guru. Here he sits, Budda-like, in the state of infinite repose which a sysadmin can reach only when he has truly become one with the computer. Jono (on the right), probably can't read his email or print some document or some other trivial thing like that that users always pester their sysadmins about. He's a bit flustered because his bound thesis is due at the registrar's tomorrow and the one thing he absolutely doesn't need right now is the computer throwing up roadblocks in his path. He emerges from the back room to ask Darren if he can do something to help. Darren's repose is only slightly perturbed because like all Unix gurus he instantly understands what the real problem is and how to fix it. But his characteristically unhelpful response was always the same: "Read the manpage, Jono."