Approaching the summit of Logan Pass on the Going-to-the-Sun Highway, Glacier National Park, Montana

During the summer of 2001 I rode my bicycle from my home in Somerville, Massachusetts to my grandmother's house in Seattle, Washington, 4036 miles in 52 days. I had planned to keep a journal, which I called the "bike diary", and to email it to a few friends of mine, especially some who had made similar journeys in the past. It turned out to be way more popular than I had ever anticipated, by the end of the trip there were 66 people on the direct mailing list and I believe about as many more who were regularly getting forwards from people on the list.

What follows is the emailed text from the bike diary, reformatted as HTML (with some minor spelling and typographical corrections) with photographs I took during the trip inserted where they belong in the narrative. Purely for archival purposes, I have also preserved the original, unformatted email text (in Unix mbox format).

I would also like to thank all the folks who helped make this ride so much fun: my dad for coming along for the last 700 miles of it, Cindy for being there when I came home, da Boss for letting me take a looong vacation, Maria and Kate for sending mail, Chuck, Barb, Seth and Micah Childers for their hospitality in Bowling Green, Ohio, the Heidemans and Tholens of Ashkum, Illinois for shelter from the storm and many many other "ordinary" people I met along the way who took an interest in my project.

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